The West Virginia Music Festival Benefits Musicians in Need throughout a number of southern West Virginia Counties


About West Virginia Winter Music Festival
Founded in 2013, West Virginia Winter Music Festival Inc. primarily grants financial and resource assistance to music industry professionals in the West Virginia area in times of need and emergency crisis.

The mission of the West Virginia Winter Music Festival Inc. is to lend a helping hand to musicians in need with a vision to further develop the music industry through education. This will be accomplished in several ways:

First, through raising money with an annual winter festival that can be used to aid a musician in financial need due to emergency situations. Monies will be distributed to those in need based on decisions made by the administrative officers and/or the advisory board.

Secondly, by aiding in the promotion of performances as often as possible. This will be accomplished by involving persons from all aspects of the music community.

Finally, we will work with public and private schools and other various organizations to offer assistance for those in physical need, and assist with educational opportunities and needs of aspiring musicians.

Services of the West Virginia Winter Music Festival Inc. is not a replacement for an insurance policy but an opportunity to meet the needs of a musician and his/her family in time of need or crisis.

Company Overview
West Virginia Winter Music Festival Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Lewisburg, West Virginia that raises funds to assist local musicians in financial crisis. We currently service the following counties:

In West Virginia: Greenbrier, Pocahontas, Monroe, Summers, Fayette, Raleigh and Mercer Counties.

You must be a working musician in our service area in order to apply for assistance.

In 2013, Lewisburg and Greenbrier Valley, West Virginia area musicians organized a fundraiser to benefit a fellow musician who had experienced a house fire resulting in total loss of his family’s home and possessions. The collaborative event was so successful in drawing upon the community's support, that the desire to bring the community together to assist with such unfortunate situations grew into an annual event. The event became known as the Greenbrier Valley Winter Music Festival. The musicians that organized the first event went on to established the West Virginia Winter Music Festival Inc., in the Fall of 2015, as a way to perpetuate this fellowship between the music community and the community at large.

Since then, West Virginia Winter Music Festival Inc.  has provided emergency assistance to area musicians and other educational and music oriented projects. West Virginia Winter Music Festival Inc. seeks to fund its mission through annual fundraisers, donations, silent auctions and sponsorships.